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Minecraft Gigs & Twitch Streams: A How-To Guide for Nerds like Me

By: @Ashlemur, @Ellie_hart_tho, @SergerBurger

As y’all know, live shows are temporarily canceled (lame). To quench ya thirst, we’re bringing the gigs to your very own computer screens (very not lame). We at the Shack love to make things a little more complicated than they need to be, in hopes of making things a lot cooler than people expect them to be. Which is why we’re bringing you the new Shackcraft Monthlies series, May 8th.

But what if, like me, you don’t know SHIT about Minecraft? What if like me, you’re just a music lover who (maybe?) has a Twitch account? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the who, what, where, and why whether you’re streaming on Twitch or hanging out with us in Minecraft itself.

Twitch it Up:

If the big wide world of Minecraft is too much, too soon, we get it. This is why The Summit Shack streams every Minecraft show, as well as other events like community builds, on Twitch. The platform is mostly composed of people playing different games, but there are sections for music and art as well.

Head to twitch.tv/summitshack to watch all of the shenanigans going on in real-time. Make sure to follow us on Twitch as well to get a notification every time we go live. ;)

Minecraft 101: What it is?

In its hyper filtrated, reverse osmosis purest state, Minecraft is a game about mining and crafting. In what could be called its “regular” game mode, aka Survival mode, you are dropped into the world with nothing. Your goal? Whatever you want it to be. The charming block-based world of Minecraft means you can make whatever you want.

Minecraft 102: Getting the Mine 2 Craft

If you’re familiar with games, (unlike myself) here’s a little video our friends at Loon Base put together to show you how to get down to business.

But if like myself, you need a more in-depth step-by-step guide, Serger Burger (what a guy, I tell ya) has you covered!


  1. Minecraft.net. Hit the big green “Get Minecraft” Button.

  2. THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT. Click "Computer" when asked how to play. Pick your operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux)

  3. ANOTHER IMPORTANT BIT. If you select Windows as your operating system, MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE JAVA EDITION. Do not buy the Windows 10 edition. JAVA EDITION, PLEASE. Click “Buy Minecraft”. It is this guide writer's opinion that Minecraft’s price tag of $27 is an excellent deal, especially outside of just ShackCraft gigs.

  4. Make a Mojang account (The company that owns Minecraft is named Mojang). Pay up.

  5. Download the Minecraft installer to a place you can find it.

  6. Open up said installer and click through the install process. IMPORTANT! Make sure you don’t read the user license agreement. You’ll be in Minecraft that much faster.

  7. After the installer is done, you will have a program on your computer called Minecraft Launcher. This is where you can manage skins, change what version of Minecraft you’re running and most importantly, PLAY MINECRAFT.

  8. When Minecraft actually pops up, click “Multiplayer”. Click “Add Server” button. The server name can be whatever you’d like (ShackCraft Monthly is a great choice for a name.)

  9. IMPORTANT: The server address is what you will use to connect to us whenever we’re hosting a show. That address is: minechella.mc.gg

  10. Click done. You should now see a server pop up named "ShackCraft Monthly". Or whatever you named it. Oops.

  11. Either double click the server OR click it once and then click the “Join Server” button. (We like to give you options.)

  12. In order to both see all the cool stages that we've built for you and hear the music in real-time, join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/MbBEpg and you should be able to listen in!

We hope to see you roll through to one of the ShackCraft gigs soon! Hope this little article can give you an explanation on how to best enjoy them!